How To Get Quick Approval From Google Adsense

The best way to earn smart income is to earn through internet. There are a lot of ways for earning through internet like doing online content writing job, data entry jobs and so on. But if you really wants to earn smart income then blogging is the best option among them. Making Blog is easy but maintaining blog is quite difficult. Once you comes to know how to blog efficiently then i am dam sure that you will start smart earning soon.

Coming to the core area of my post that how you can get quick approval from google adsense. As we all know that google is well renowned company in providing advertisements to the website holders and bloggers. So if you want to earn through such renowned company then you must have to fulfill the requirements of google. so here I am going to tell you few guidelines that will help you to get approval from google adsense quickly. All you need is the concentration while reading as these tips are given by best digital marketing in company toronto – Edkent Media.

So here are some requirements that you have to fulfill before applying to adsense :

Quality Content :

The first and main requirement for the approval of google adsense is that the content you are posting on your website must be valued and quality content in terms of way of writing,selection of content. I mean to say don’t use complex English if you are not comfortable with it because it will leads mistakes in your writing. Just write simple language but Grammatically correct language.

Size of Article :

The size of your article must not be less than 300 words. Because google wants rich content from you if you will not fulfill this requirement then it will not give you advertisement and will give reason of insufficient content.

Number of Posts:

Guy’s you don’t need to much articles or posts on your website for applying Adsense. On completing 45-50 posts you can easily apply for Adsense. But keep in mind that post include rich content not to much pics.

Copied Content is Not Allowed:

The most important point that you always have to keep in mind is that if you just for increasing the number of articles on website some website holders copy the whole content and paste it on their website. but if they think that by increasing copied posts on their website they will get advertisement from adsense then their thinking is wrong. What you have to do is just copy the idea of form other websites and write it in your own language.

There are No Issues Regarding Traffic :

some people says that for applying to google adsense you need to increase your visitors on the website but its totally fake. Because when i applied for adsense then traffic in my analytics account was just 70-100 visitors a day. But  want to say that don’t go for increasing  all visitors on your website  but organic visit on your website.

More Page Views are Not Required :

Like i have read it from many sites and also heard from some bloggers that for applying to adsense you must need at least 1000 page views a day but it’s totally wrong friends. Its my personal experience that when i applied for adsense then my page views are 250-300 a day on an average. So don’t worry about the page views. But also keep in mind its not necessary to increase page views but after getting adsense increasing page views will help you to increase your Click per Cost (CPC). If you follow all these requirements then you will approved soon.

Don’t get Demotivated if your application is rejected. Just work on those point which becomes the reason of your rejection. The reason of your rejection will be mentioned in that email which you will get on your rejection. So work on it and reapply again then you will get advertisement from adsense.

You know guys i was also rejected rejected from adsense one time so that i got some experience of it. Friends keep in mind that experience always comes from bad experiences for instead of worrying about your failure make your failure the reason of your success.

I think, I have cleared your all points but still if you have any doubt in your mind regarding adsense then you can ask me by leaving comment on this post i’ll provide you solutions or suggestions.